Gain new experience and explore innovative tools for your campaigns, happenings and educational activities.

The Barcamp starts on Friday, 24 March, at 10 am and lasts until Sunday, 26 March, 5 pm.

Those who stood behind socially beneficial changes will share their stories of successful civic campaigns. We will share information about marginalized and neglected topics, which, however, represent major social injustices.

During these three days we will find out that it is also possible to draw attention of the public to important topics in a playful way, with humor and wit. We will try out methods that help to look at things from a completely new angle. Among others, we will get to know the Web as a simple tool.

Experts from the media field will present journalistic work to us, while the participants will also themselves be able to take a camera in their hands and become an investigative reporter, who wants to reveal the true essence of events and inform the public about it.

The Barcamp will also make us think how we ourselves can be engaged and how we can participate in public affairs legitimately. The golden thread of the entire program will be the topics of human and citizen rights, environmental protection, support of marginalized groups and social changes leading to a fair world for all.

If you want to see the whole program day by day, click below.